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Default Re: I tried. Really, I tried.

Originally Posted by steakman View Post
that sucks Nj. When we show up for an appointment, its hells bells if we're ten min late...for companies, one would think first impressions matter. Not so these days eh.?

I keep coming back to this thread to find something TRULY positive that will make me dump my 9900 and go Z/Q10. Gonna hang on for a while yet..might need 2-3 OS upgrades and a real OS (equalizing so to speak), upgrade to the PB before i jump in.

Been working with the Z10 since it came out, and I love it. The email font is more than large enough. Web fonts work admirably, certainly better than the wife's iphone -- especially in reader mode. The 10 has well resolved my pet peeve with my 9900 -- rendering of web pages (which I resolved through Opera). Typing is amazing! I've been stubbornly stuck with physical keyboards since forever. The Z10 has made me a believer of its touch keyboard. Spell check and predictive text is truly uncanny, and getting better as we age together, as is using the flick command on the keyboard. Same with voice commands, which I successfully use in a consistent manner for emails and reminders (so far). And again, we're aging well together here as well.

I am not satisfied with everything on the 10, such as not being able to jump to the top or bottom of a page with a click of a button, having to answer a call with an awkward swipe instead of a trusty click of a button, or not even being able to save draft emails. However, I'm finding that much of my initial and subsequent dissatisfaction with the 10 was caused by my inability to successfully access its features. Including my initial inability to erase multiple emails.

BTW, I don't agree with much of the negative thinking on this thread. At least as far as I am concerned, the Z10 is a great phone, and I am glad that my feely button fetish didn't keep me waiting for the Q10.
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