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Default Re: New Z10 user with some questions

Originally Posted by WalkingToaster View Post
1) What exactly do the side volume UP/DOWN buttons control when not in the middle of a call (i.e. just in standby mode?) I'm guessing it's just the in-call earpiece volume, rather than ringtone volume?

2) I find it clumsy to open the Hub to see that I have some missed calls, then having to go back to the home screen, open the Phone app (thus clearing the notification), then returning to the Hub.

Is there a way to clear the missed call alerts directly from within the Hub- instead of using the Phone app? It feels like this really should be possible.

3) What happens if you enter the wrong PIN 10 times or a Z10?

4) There is an option to disable the touchpad when the screen is locked (which means you have to wake it using the power button instead of gestures, saving some battery life as it doesn't power the touchscreen constantly).

Does anyone know much much extra life you can get out of the battery by doing so? Is it significant?
2: Hold down on an entry in Hub to manage it, or hit the dots and use Select More to mange more than one at a time.
3: What PIN?
4: Settings > Display > Allow Gestures when Locked > Off
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