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Default Re: New Z10 user with some questions

"2: Hold down on an entry in Hub to manage it, or hit the dots and use Select More to mange more than one at a time."

What I am trying to do specifically is dismiss missed call alerts from within the Hub. Not delete them, dismiss them- like you can do from within the Phone app. I want the missed call record to stay on my phone (so "Delete" is no use for me), I just want to stop the notification from showing up when I "peek" to view my alerts. In Hub management, the only options are "Call", "Add to Contacts", "Copy", "Select More" and "Delete".

The question remains: "Is there a way to clear the missed call alerts directly from within the Hub- instead of using the Phone app?" You can dismiss all other alerts in the Hub.... (using "Mark as read") so why should this category of alert be an exception?

I don't want the missed call record removed from my phone, I just want the alert cleared, without needing to use the Phone app to do it.

"3: What PIN?"

I am referring to the "device password" you can set for the lock screen.

My last question was: "Does anyone know much much extra life you can get out of the battery by doing so? Is it significant?"

I know how to do it... I am asking if there is a significant improvement in terms of battery life.

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