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Default Re: New Z10 user with some questions

"With respect to call notifications in the Hub, I think what DC/DC was trying to tell you is that by holding down any entry in the Hub (call notifications included) a menu will slide out from the right giving you all the options currently available for that item."

I know there are options there- but none of those options allow me to clear a missed call alert from within the Hub. The way call alerts are handled is idiosyncratic- all other alerts can be dismissed in the Hub, but missed calls require the user to use the Phone app.

Perhaps all I can do is hope the developers see this and include a "dismiss alert" option for missed call notifications in a future update.

I made a little artist's impression so you see what I have in mind:

Also, it would be fantastic if they changed it so that the first time you click on a missed call notification in the Hub, it cleared it- and the next time you click on it, it calls that number. I was very surprised when I clicked on a missed call alert in the Hub and it started phoning that person.

In most cases, the first (or perhaps even only) thing someone wants to do when they see a missed call is to clear the notification. You may or may not wan to call them back, but you certainly want to clear the alert right there and then. As it is, it takes more effort than it should to delete missed call alerts, because it can't be done from within the Hub itself.

I'm sure plenty of other Z10 users who like to leave their phone in the Hub view most of the time, and want it to be a "one-stop-shop" for managing all our communications and alerts- which it isn't if you need to use the Phone app to clear call-related alerts.

Heck, why not have a "Dismiss all notifications" option in the Hub? That would be a very popular feature I'm sure.

My Hub's "Notifications" tab currently shows a WhatApp conversation with no unread messages as the only notification- so this is something which shouldn't be in there. On the other hand, it doesn't show a missed call that appears when I peek the Hub from elsewhere- something which definitely should be there. So basically something isn't showing something should be, and something is showing under Notifications which shouldn't be. It's a minor annoyance- but hopefully a developer reads this and looks into it.

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