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Default Re: Touch Screen Seems Erratic

You've got a point there Grumpy.

So far this problem has taken about 6 hours out of my day. Some of that has been waiting for things like downloading and synchronizing to happen. Half has been waiting for Blackberry Support to call back. As an excuse for not calling back when promised they say they have very high call volumes. Not only that but she sat on the phone, doing nothing else she said, for almost two hours during this process.

The whole experience tells me BB still has not made the transition from leaning on corporate IT to satisfying consumers. To wit: I went to the BB web site for Playbook Support. I sent an email using their link. The reply from BB said they couldn't help me at that address and to contact them at a link which was, you guessed it, the one I had just used. Or, to call them. That number worked.

I called and got a person who said she had been in the business for a year. Anyway The very first was to ask me to register the Playbook. After I told her I had done that she went to another screen, found me and started trouble shooting. Surprisingly the very first thing was to reload the OS. That takes time for the Backup, Download and Install. I only had about 15G of data on the 64G Playbook. Heaven help me if I had lots of data.

The very first thing after the OS reload was to run Update to reload the OS that, by now, I've installed twice. That would make it number three. I bypassed that. But, in the process discovered that one must connect/disconnect, launch/close the device and the Desktop Manager is specific sequences or it just doesn't work.

As I type I've finally got the Playbook and Desktop Software both talking and, without asking me, they are synchronizing. I would have preferred to wait until we are sure the problem is solved.

All this is pretty normal in the old world. Today, not so much. One of my stated reasons for buying a Playbook was to see if Blackberry had done what they said, become customer friendly. Not in my experience. Not only that but they have very expensive support.

It is hard for me to believe that other tablet and smartphone sellers are using this this same troubleshooting model. These things cost what $1.98? She could have verified that I had the latest OS(I did), asked me to do a couple tests(she did not) and either verified that was normal or given me a RMA.

They are supposed to call me back later. Wonder what will happen then?
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