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Default Re: Turning off voice control

Bad answer- vague and even wrong at one point.

Originally Posted by dc/dc View Post
It's probably not the headphones.
It's definitely not the headphones. No "probably" about it.

Originally Posted by dc/dc View Post
...rather you are pressing a button on the handset
Which button? Be specific. There are only 4 physical buttons, you should work out which for the benefit of all the hundreds of people who will come here looking for an answer to this problem- instead of firing off a weak answer because you don't want to do 30 seconds of research first.

It is the MIDDLE BUTTON (between the volume +/- buttons) on the right hand side of the phone. A lot of people are going to come here looking for answers to that question- might as well write the best answer possible, not just vaguely point them in the right direction. People KNOW they are pressing "a button" already. You are stating the obvious.

Anyone can give vague, useless advice. My gran could do that, and she thinks I'm talking about food when I talk about BlackBerrys.

I notice you've racked up on average over 5 posts a day since 2005. A big fan of quantity over quality, aren't you? In a post I have regarding an IMAP connection problem, you told me to change carrier! That's like telling someone with a flat tire to buy a new car, because you don't know how to change the tire. There is so much wrong with that sort of lazy advice.

The OP is most likely pressing this button with the movement of his leg as he cycles.

Here's why:

1) By default there is no password, and many users are not locking their Z10's with passwords because they find this harder to do without physical keyboards. I suspect the OP is also not using a password- or he is, but the phone is not set to lock quickly enough- so the voice control button gets pressed within 30 minutes (default lock time) of him putting it back in his pocket.

2) Secondly: the voice control shortcut cannot be disabled. This sucks big time. I'm sure less than 50% of people use this feature (maybe less than 10% or even 5%) -but 100% of us have it enabled and can't turn it off yet. Unless the phone is locked with a password, pressing this will open voice control. The only way the OP can make it impossible for voice control to start by itself (apart from putting the phone in a different pocked where the middle button can't get pressed by accident) is to set a password. It's not enough for the screen to have powered off, that shortcut key will still be active. It's mental.

Originally Posted by dc/dc View Post
...or you still have "screen gestures on while locked" enabled.
I love this one. It's so completely wrong.

The "screen gestures on while locked" option just disables gestures while the phone is "locked"- meaning you need to use the power button to wake it, instead of a swipe gesture. This has nothing to do with the OP's problem. As the screenshot above shows- this takes zero research to discover, as there is a label next to that option saying exactly what it does.

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