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Default Initial Impressions - first 12 hours

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This is a great feeling device. The interface is slick. But, here are some of the initial issues I've seen. I would be interested in known if others have been seeing these problems and hopefully found a work around.

I'm finding the touch screen lags just a little more than my 9900. I need to touch and hold to activate a control, where as on the 9900 it accepted the input right away. Minor, and something I know I would get used to.

The biggest issue, I'm seeing has to do with email. This isn't something I was expecting. I've set my mail account in the setting to not show filed and sent items, but my mailbox is still filled with them. This is on an ActiveSync connection to an Exchange 2003 server. I hate to say it, but this is a deal breaker for me, having all (not really all, but about 2000 for the last 30 days in this account) my emails in one folder makes it frankly useless. If I'm willing to drill down the folder structure to get to my inbox, than I can see the real current items, but it's too many steps.

Reading RIMs knowledge base suggests as with my other devices I'm able to use ActiveSync with GMail, however when I try all I get is a 403 error, saying this should work soon. So IMAP it is, not so bad, but I wanted to see if the same sent/filed issue would happen here as well.

I will test this against Exchange 2007 and 2010 later today.

It's strange the screen on my 9900 feels bigger than the Q. When I open emails I see the full width of the body, but on the Q the first thing I seem to need to do is zoom out.

Also the visual controls seem larger, so it feels like I can see less on the screen even thou it really shows the same amount or a little more, but with the larger size it feels like it shows less.

I really miss the Application shortcut option, this was a real productivity booster, and something I was hoping would be kept. Like wise I was looking forward to the quick dials for the phone.

The phone has told me several times that it could charge faster using the charger supplied with it, the funny thing is that I was charging it with that charger.

On my 9900 with Rogers, I had 2 phone numbers using there second line service. The Q10 does except calls on the second line, however if fails to identify them as such, and there is no way I can find to place calls on the second line.

I'm happy to see the ability to do a carrier unlock is much easier.

Like wise to see a much faster boot time on the device. It seems to be about twice as fast booting as my 9900. And I'm really happy to see I that the hated wait clock seems to be gone, or at least hasn't shown it face yet...

The transition to the "new" keyboard design I found to be very smooth and had no issues picking it up and typing as I did on my 9900. In the past I've seen it take a few days to relearn the keyboard when switching devices.

So there you go, my initial $0.02. If you've had some of these issue and found a way to fix them, I'd love to know. I can live with most of these in the short term, except the email issue. So for now my primary device stays as a 9900. Likely in two weeks the Q will go back. :(
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