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Default Re: BlackBerry Customer Support


Well, this particular evolution is as complete as it is going to get. Here is the update. Again, nothing is here that has not been shared verbally and in writing with Blackberry Service Reps who tell me they have forwarded it to their supervisors. I'm posting here because everyone needs to know my experience just as I want to know other people's.

--Executive version: Blackberry has some really good employees who work hard for their company. As a customer I can't tell the difference between the others who are either poorly trained or duds who haven't been weeded out. Add to this a centralized rigid computerized management system and it adds up to very poor customer orientation and service. Add to this poor and erroneous operating instructions and the result is extreme frustration for the customer. That may have been tolerable when customers were IT departments that had a lock on decisions for their companies. Not now.
-A customer service rep took pity on me and sent a new PB to the correct address and trusted me to return the old one. Seems BB policy is to get a credit card number for things like that. Then, when the returned PB is examined at the Repair Center if they say the problem is Operator Error they charge the customer $299. Both parties have one PB, no one cheated but if the customer just couldn't figure it out, or it is an intermittent problem they couldn't replicate they don't charge a reasonable fee; the charge for a complete PB. That's tough.

--The new PB works just fine, I think. This one has Setup on it. Plus, now I know that several setup instructions are wrong so I went through it pretty quickly.

--Had a question about the 30 Day Email Synch. What happens to the emails that are dropped from the PB after 30 days, especially from accounts. Customer service sent me a KB about how to get emails to display. Exact opposite of what I asked. I told them that. Then I got a response that was on point. Finally. Training? Poor Management?

--Now that I have a reasonable functioning PB I can look at it. Bridging with a Torch it transfers WiFi(other post) but not Contacts or Calendar. That kind of thoughtless inconsistencies are through out the device. Make one very cautious about whether BB is capable of focusing on the customer in their design and operation.

At the same time the PlayBook itself is a pretty good device. I've used 4 different Playbooks now. Image quality is outstanding. Sound, whether by earphone or the built-in speakers is superb. Battery life is good. The browser works just fine so there is no need for the security risk of Apps. Radio sensitivity is great. So: If nothing breaks and you have someone to coach you through the bad setup stuff it is a pretty good device.

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