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Default Re: Initial Impressions - first 12 hours

I will add to first impressions: Just got mine this past weekend.

Machine issues. (At least for me).

1. On every earlier model (been here since the 8830 World Model), I could hold the alt key and press and hold either the period, exclamation or question key (or for that matter any upper case figure - especially numbers..!!), and any of them would multiply automatically till I let go of both keys.

This DOES not happen on the Q10...Why not.? Dont ask me why I would do that...I do and the fact that I cannot makes it a Big irritant.

2. On the main purple screen one sees alerts on the left hand side. It would seem natural for me to press either alert that has a red star and go automatically to that menu or application. Does not happen. Why not BlackBerry.

3. I find it hard sometimes - actually a lot of the time to minimize an open screen in order to open another. It can take 4 or 5 swipes up to do so...and I have a PB so I am used to doing this.

4. On the only social network I use - Facebook and mostly to read the National Post articles that come up (BECAUSE NP does not have an app yet for the Z/Q10 platform.!!), I find the screen becomes extra sensitive. Is there a way to increase/reduce sensitivity on the screen.? If not, then that is something for a later update as are all the above.

I know this in not the sub forum for app related issues. But it totally blows my mind that in 3 cases, major outfits that cater to the business crowd have just recently (in the last 6 months), come out with BlackBerry Apps that bloody well dont work with the Q10.!! Incredible foresight I must say...NOT.

TD Trust
PC Financial
National Post

And to say that pisses me off is a huge understatement given I use two banks - one for personal and the other for business. Sent both of them not so nice letters this am. I was nice k?, but let em know their short sightedness is unbecoming of businesses that cater to other businesses.

As well - WhatsApp is Buggy as hell..and that one is as important as BBM. With wrong pictures being associated with other contacts.

So three days in, that is what I have at this point.

Oh...even though the battery is still only gives me a day and is done in 13 hours...not a good start in my books on batt life. And yea, I use the native cord that came with the phone.

And the reason I was late for work this morning.? As with every other BB, one can shut it off...not the REALLY OFF, but just off and the Alarm will work. Not with this unit. I checked out the bedside mode this morning at work, but that is not the same thing now is it.??

I havent tried Skype least they tell its a "beta".......and it took me two days how to figure out how to get "search" actually searching.!! LOL


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