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Default Re: fixing to be new blackberry owner :D

Originally Posted by dc/dc View Post
Seriously? You asked for advice after you'd already made a decision? That's just plain stupid, and rude to boot.

Anyway, the 8530 is old and had lots of problems. Way more than the iPhone 5. Apple would have replaced your device if you'd given them a chance, and Sprint should have too.
WHOA...WHOA...WHOA you are putting the HORSE before the CART....

You DONT know the whole story...

So it turns out I thought there was something wrong with the phone... I called APPLE and I told them that it takes like 5 rings before it rings on my side and the lady at APPLE called SPRINT and she said that there's only one tower here and that everyone that is sprint users is all on that one tower and so she put in a ticket and said that she would get the engineers to work on it and give her 48 hours.

SIRI doesn't work.... because the signal is so so... She writes things that I didn't even say... If I go outside I get 4 out of 5.. Inside 2 to 3. but can still take and make calls.

the LTE works great!! Inside or Out.

I guess I didn't mean to say that I didn't like it, I thought it was buggy until I had Apple call Sprint.

but I rather have the physical keypad than the one on the screen...

is the 8530 really that bad? a poster at the bottom said its not that bad.

So you kind of judged me before I could even tell the whole story I just found out this afternoon that the tower is messing up so at the time I originally posted this I didn't know.

And the guy didn't even offer to replace it.......... He was from India.. didn't even tell me about the 35.00 restocking

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