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Default Re: Initial Impressions - first 12 hours

Originally Posted by RayRaven View Post
There's one thing that everybody seems to be missing re a keyboard/touch phone, including RIM themselves.

The advantages of a physical keyboard over a touchscreen keyboard are obvious (at least to myself, and every other BB user before the 10 series), but to my mind, there is no point at all to having a physical keyboard without a trackball control alongside it.

I love BB phones purely for the fact that they still use the aforementioned keyboard, and find it a lot easier and faster to use than a touchscreen virtual keyboard, but if there is no mouse (trackball) included, it all seems that the design has not been properly thought out.

I've been with BB for four years now, and found them to be hugely reliable compared to other (touch) OSs, but if I'm going to now be forced into going down the touchscreen route, it might as well be for a system that is recognised and supported by a plethora of developers, rather than an OS that most developers seem to want to ignore.
I wholeheartedly disagree with all of your sentiments. There are no real advantages anymore to a physical keyboard. In fact, there are disadvantages. There is definitely no need at all for a trackpad. The design was well thought out. RIM is only developing keyboard devices for people like you who refuse to adapt. You probably still use Windows XP, don't you?
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