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Default Re: Initial Impressions - first 12 hours

Originally Posted by Cavi Mike View Post
I've never seen anyone that could type as fast as I can on my BB unless they're typing in god-awful txt-tlk. In fact, I type so fast that my 9630 drops letters - whereas my 8800 and 8900 had no problem keeping up. I had to relearn how to type slower so the phone could keep up. I hear nothing but complaints from EVERYONE who has to type a lot on a touchscreen. Between that and all of the shortcuts available to me with a physical keyboard - I see absolutely no reason to switch to a full-touch device.

It just sounds like you prefer following trends even when they go in reverse and it's so ironic that you accuse me of still using XP. I bet you still right-click on everything or click though menus on your computer instead of using the ctrl/alt/etc keys. You're the one that's below the curve buddy.
LOL. Do whatever works for you pal, but I can type much faster on my touch devices now than I can on my 9900.

Now, since you want to be insolent, I'll clarify your wrong assumptions. I don't follow trends, but I refuse to live in the past. I adapt. With computers, my adaptation was actually using a mouse instead of the keyboard. I didn't have a mouse until my third computer that actually had Windows 3.1 on it. I started on a Commodore 64 at the age of 3. That thing definitely didn't have a mouse. I currently have a Lumia 920, Z10, and HTC One in rotation for my phones, use Linux, Mac, and Windows 7 on my computers. If I'm behind anything, it's definitely not a curve, so please feel free to go sit on a cactus.
I h8 txtspk.
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