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Default Re: BlackBerry in its case and eletro-static discharge

Originally Posted by tsac View Post
bostonnerd, You are wrong. ESD is one of the cause of electronics failure. Although the cell device is generally an extreemly low candidate for this it can happen. It may be that the phone had a buildup of static and as dc/dc suggested the metal on the phone was the culpret.

Tsac, I am well aware of the EMI/ESD requirements in IC and component packaging design.

What you neglected to state was that to meet agency certification, all mobile devices must be tested for ESD mitigation at all possible ESD entry points. For the EEs in the room the requirement details are called out in IEC 61000-4-2. While the requirement is a fairly low bar it is generally more than sufficient to protect a device in a low humidity environment that is prone to ESD. Otherwise, come February, landfills around the world would be filling up with devices brought to a coma by ESD issues. Waving a Blackberry around a golf course fairway during a thunderstorm would not be covered by above spec

BTW- the insertion of a battery into a device is considered an ESD event by definition and behavior, and must be designed for as well.
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