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Default Re: Z10 no clock on charge?

Originally Posted by bombinho View Post
Unfortunately the Z10 does not care if the device is in the list it still maps the drive on every PC it gets connected.
Yet it works for others (for myself as well), I admit I was surprised when it kept connecting to my work and home computer, but since changing the settings, it no longer does this. (Wired or not) I'm not going to go through the 30 point price check (I really have no clue what your PC settings are like, nor am I sure of what options you enabled in Link, if any) I would look at your system tray and left click BlackBerry Device Manager and Click on Options. Ensure all boxes under Options are unchecked.

Verdict - User Error

Originally Posted by bombinho View Post
Unfortunately the are no chargers in my house except for the PB cradle. And I had not planned to get sockets and cables cut into my walls just to accomodate for the Z10. Surely the wife would be pleased. But the cradles used to live near the MPC/ business PC and have a connection to USB.
You have the original charger that came with the PlayBook (It is on the list of approved chargers for the Z and Q. You can use that, or continue to use a USB to computer charge (slower, but still works). I only use the PB charger, unless I am at work, and just need a top up, then USB is fine.

I'm not sure where all of your chargers went, but you have USB option and you can also use PB charger. A third party OEM charger needing drivers to be installed sounds weird, but shouldn't effect your computer operation.

Originally Posted by bombinho View Post
It unfortunately does happen in 100% of attempts to connect on one of the PCs
If the problem is only happening with one of your computers, would it not make sense that maybe your installation is faulty, or some of the BlackBerry services are not initializing? I can be 100% sure that something is off with that computer, as it would be happening with all your computers if the device was at fault.

Windows? Ctrl+Alt+Del (Task Manager) Close all BlackBerry processes running. Make sure Link, B Device Manager and all other BlackBerry services do NOT start up on boot. Restart your computer and connect your device to it.

Originally Posted by bombinho View Post
Had seen them too but the reviews were not exciting neither was the design.
You asked if they were available. I believe I have shown that they are. Your thoughts on ergonomics and style and ease of use are consumer related questions.
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