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Default Re: Z10 no clock on charge?

Originally Posted by ZombieBerry View Post
I really don't know what the problem is. That's why there is no solution. For some strange reason, one computer in your home/office is working properly, but the other one is not. Like I said, user error.
OK it's always the user. I should know as the one or the other line of code has entered my keyboard magically.
But I do not consider this as a major problem now as I am positiv that as usual this user error most likely disappears on one of the next updates.
Nothing to worry just now. It was rather a statement just like yours that it is working on your machine.

Originally Posted by ZombieBerry View Post
I have been patient with you bombinho. I have read your posts, and responded with answers that I thought were appropriate to the situation.[snip]
Thank you for your help, sorry but a lot of your solutions I had tried prior to asking and some pretty exactly the way you described.

Originally Posted by ZombieBerry View Post
So the answer is yes.
May I quote your link: "The official BlackBerry Z10 desktop cradle has yet to be released ". That is a clear yes to the question if the Blackberry cradle has been seen somewhere?

As for the Blackberry Link it does not seem to be required for my use as it does not do anything but copying files. It does not synchronise any relevant informations. Generally spoken it does not synchronise anything at all. From what I have seen by now it appears to be a very crude file manager only.

But I am open to news, I will surely have not discovered things in fully, as you noticed I am new to it. And to make it worse for you to help I am on the steep part of the learning curve and informations I had 10 minutes ago may have changed already by now.

So your input is very welcome and valued even if I differ in some personal views, it is just me that is a moving target at the moment. (someone stated "Keep Moving")
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