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Default Re: Q10 is unable to connect

Originally Posted by dc/dc View Post
You need a regular data plan, not a BlackBerry specific one, for BB10 devices.
A more detailed response, for what it is worth:
Most BlackBerrys are connected to corporate e-mail and contacts, etc. and the internet thorough a Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES). When you get a data plan for a BlackBerry, one of the questions asked by your service provider is whether or not you are connected to a BES because it makes a difference as to whether or not you are connected through a BES server or not and as well your data plan typically costs more to connect through a BES as I believe that BlackBerry charges the carriers a royalty for the date to flow through a BES.
The BES servers which work with BlackBerry OS 7.1 and lower do not work with the BlackBerry Q10 or Z10. If like our firm, which hasn't upgraded its enterprise server and software to support BB10, the Z10s and Q10s are connected to Outlook through ActiveSync, the same as other none BlackBerrys, such as iPhone and Android devices (as well as Windows devices) which have regular non-BlackBerry data plans. Our BlackBerry Q10s and Z10's do not go through our BES as it does not support BlackBerry OS 10 (yet).
Until about a month ago the BES server software which supports BB10 did not support pre BB10 devices so a company was required to have two servers, one which supported OS 7.1 and lower, and another which supported BB10. Fortunately the most recent BES software supports BB10 as well as legacy BB devices.
I don't know what kind of data plan is needed for the BES 10, but, if as I suspect your company has a BES and I doubt that it has been upgraded to support BB10, your Q10 device cannot connect through the BES and you will need an ordinary data plan, just like other non-blackberry smart phones and BlackBerry smart phones not attached through a corporate account (BIS).
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