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Default Blackberry Q10!! URGENT!

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I've been using a Blackberry for as long as I can remember. Since 2000? Never even dreamed about switching over to another phone. EVER! Just bought the Q10 but this issue I'm having has me so aggravated that I'll either switch back to my old berry' or try another phone all together. Wanted to check here first:

The issue I'm having is with Bedside Mode. Every night at 7 pm my Bedside Mode comes on. For those that don't know, Bedside Mode is kinda like a do not disturb feature, and when it's on you can't receive phone calls. Just got off the phone with Verizon and they told me that 1st there's no way to turn it off!!! I can make it so my phone rings! That's it! As far as texts, email, BBM, anything else, I can use those features if I choose to, but if someone texts me or emails me or sends me a BBM, my Blackberry won't alert me! AT ALL! Because it's in Bedside Mode! I then asked the Verzion Rep, "So you mean to tell me, Blackberry, a multi million dollar company, is telling me that after 7pm every night I just can't know if someone's trying to communicate with me?" Her response was, "Well...not unless you're actually looking at your phone."

This is the craziest thing I've ever heard! It was a Tier 2 Tech. And she had to actually call Blackberry to get the information. We spoke and then she had to call me back an hour later after she researched the issue.

Can anyone help me out? And hopefully tell me she was full of it? And solve this Bedside Mode quandary for me?

Tremendous thanks in advance!!

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