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Default Re: Blackberry Q10!! URGENT!

I thought I would post my findings here for anyone who may have this problem in the future. My incident may save someone else a lot of aggravation.

First I wanna thank everyone who replied. It sure is nice to have a resource like this to bounce problems off of one another and get help with the phones we all can't live without.

I stayed up later than normal last night waiting and waiting for the "Bedside Mode" icon to appear like it had the night before. For those that don't know, the "Bedside Mode" icon is a picture of a bed with a Crescent Moon on top of it. And you find it on your Home Screen where the time is displayed. Simply click on the Power button on top of the phone once. Then again. And that's the Home Screen. Anyway, 8pm, 9pm, 10pm rolls around. No icon would appear. So i gave up and plugged my phone in to charge for the night. The second I plugged my charger in. Bedside Mode appeared! Unplugged my charger and it went away. Plugged it in. It appeared again.

The Verizon Tech gave me completely incorrect information! I receive notifications of ALL messages that come thru, even while in Bedside Mode! Not sure why it only comes on when being charged. But after all the calls I've made to Verizon, I'm not calling them again, I can live with that.

I am a little upset by the lack of information and darn right mis information given to us by these techs with the phone carriers. As NJBlackberry stated, they even lied to me about this phantom update that's supposed to come out in a few weeks that will allow us to Speed Dial on the Q10. It's very disconcerting when I call in for Tech Support, they can't find the answer to my problem, and they literally tell me, "Well lets Google your problem and see what comes up on Google." I mean really? I could have done that. Sure would be nice if these carriers had some formal training on the phones they're selling.

Thanks again guys.

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