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Originally Posted by JimJr View Post
I said nothing about when its announced. But when an update is released . It is not me who cannot read . Android versions are out now that very few phones will be able to use . The delay is the carriers . Thats the problem . You read an article and think you have the slightest idea what really goes on . To funny . It nothing more then a marketing game to keep people having to buy a new android device every 2 years . So they can get the new improved software version .
So since there continues to be nothing usefull what so ever (clueless even) no further use of this thread will be looked into.
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Conspiracy theories aside, yes the carriers would like to force users to buy the newer models. However, most times they release the OS after the newer model is released. Just like with they Galaxy S3. After the S4 was released, the update to the S3 was available for Verizon devices. The same thing on my Evo 4G. The newer OS was released after the Evo 3D was released. It is all marketing. To say they OS is never released is not only misleading by completely untrue. Also. more goes into an OS than just announcing it or releasing it. I can't throw 4.2.2 on a Droid Eris just because it has been released. It has to be released for the model device you are using. Then the Manufacturer of that device needs to approve it, then it is passed on to the carriers. As stated before, it is a process. Unlike Apple and BlackBerry, there are a lot of manufacturers, different chip sets, ect. to take into account.

Also, a lot of these manufacturers like to put their on skin on top of it, such as TouchWiz, or Sense UI. All of this goes into account when before an OS is approved to even make it to the carriers for testing.

Now let's get to the carriers. They have hundreds of devices to test, and most likely not a lot of resources to test these devices. Say you have the Note 2, the Note 3 is most likely already in the process of being approved. Now the carrier has to test the Note 3 to approve it. While on top of that there are tons of other devices that are coming out that needs testing as well for approval. Now they also have OS updates being released for the S3, the HTC One, Note 2, etc. What if your device is 18 months old? Will the new update work for it? That needs tested too. Add all of those devices together, with limited resources and you will see why there is a delay. It isn't just about forcing the end user into buying a new device.

Since you won't be back to check on this, hopefully you decide not to spread your conspiracy theories and misinformation elsewhere.
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