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Default Re: Nuked (Rebooting) BlackBerry? Here is your Fix!

Originally Posted by tinoni View Post
this thread should be to help those, like me, have lost their mobile phone! there is no warranty but the phone isn't stolen and therefor, at least me, I would like to try to recover it.

in this forum, so many gurus, experts and critics but in the end, no one tell precisely what to do!
even more frustrating when, we are able to follow step by step, report it back and explain detail by detail the error messages and the not expected result.

Its even more stupid to see that the person who issue this thread did NOT answered a single question, doubt, or comment about its own FAILURE to assist those who have accept his tips!

The use of Apploader its in any BB customer support behavior, therefor, the tricky part is to work around successfully from JVM connectivity, to initialize, sometimes the FS region file and so ON.

I would like to ask you guys, what is the meaning of having this forums if there is no proper help, serious description and follow up for solutions, to really be part in creating or doing something?!?!?
Three posts in this thread, I don't see any description of a problem. Perhaps it would have been smart to post of your problem here (I have already read over your previous posts, no need to post again). This forum does not have any affiliation with BlackBerry or any of it's subsidiaries.

You have been asked twice not to hijack threads.

Tom, the OP, posted this in August of 2010.

You used cfp? Nice, so you wiped everything off your device, and managed to brick your phone at the same time. I don't know why you used cfp, but that is probably what screwed you up. You will have to load another BI. No one is going to walk you through that, as it's usually done to try to unlock the SIM on a stolen phone.

There are no magic work arounds, you choose to literally, brick "your" BlackBerry, the answer for you would be to head on down to your nearest BB dealer and ask about a fix. There is no discussion, you either follow the steps contained in the OP and it works, or you try again, and again, until it works, or see about getting it repaired by a professional. You could also return it/turn it in.

The meaning of this forum is to help those who have a legitimate problem with their new or previously owned BlackBerrys or accessories/services. It's not to aid people in trying to use a stolen or found handset that was protected and S-locked. You have posted this question in over 10 forums, and no response. What does that tell you?
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