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Default Re: Roaming using Prepaid SIP with BB to eliminare Roaming Data Charges

Originally Posted by voipxpress View Post
Hopefully this is the right section to post this. Here is my situation:

- I have a 9790 on Fido with B B service. I use their BIS
- going to the Uk for 2 weeks.
- I am tired of returning to $300 roaming bills
- T-Mobile have a prepaid blackberry service there for 10 pounds with voice, sms, data and BB. A bargain it seems
- What I would like to do is just pop the new SIM in my (unlocked) 9790 and carry on as usual with the BB email, bbm and data. (Just have a new local phone number)

I have received various pieces on advice on this ranging from:
1. It wont work. Would have to release my bb PIN from Fido, setup on Tmobile, setup all my email accounts etc. A nightmare
2. Just plug and play. It should work out the box

...and everything in between. There are some old posts on this site, but i think they predate prepaid BB services.

Any clues would be much appreciated.

(BTW interestingly T-Mobile dont seem to charge any more for the prepaid with or without blackberry. Not very good news for Blackberry revenues)
#1 is correct. You will have to release the PIN, and add your e-mail accounts to the EE BIS. The good news is that no data will be lost from your device.

Also, the 10 charge is JUST for the BIS pack. Half of that is the license for BIS. You will still have to buy the SIM for another 10.
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