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Originally Posted by Nomis
Anyone have any details on this or is this just a worst case scenario?
They are taking into account that every user of BlackBerry in the United States would have to take 15-30 minutes to upgrade the OS on their handheld. When they say man-hours, they are simply meaning every single individual user - not actual implementation by their engineers on their systems (it is likely already in place within their network infrastructure). These hours could be concurrent, as a lot of users will likely install the OS update within minutes/hours of it being released.

Carterofmars, consider this a warning. This is a forum for BlackBerry technology not Palm/Treo promotions and sales. If you want to promote what your pharma company is doing as an alternative, do it once. If someone questions you about it more, then it is fine to pursue that avenue of answers. However, badgering our users with whatever reasons you have for promotion of the 700w is going to lead you to an early dismissal from this community. If you have no other business aside from harassment of our users, then please do not return to this forum.
In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and is widely regarded as a bad move.

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