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Default One (single) user, two (different carriers) Blackberry's?

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I just couldn't figure out what to use as search terms as I came up empty after perusing for about 30 minutes. Can anybody tell me if this is (A) possible (B) impossible or (C) maybe possible. Hell, if you know how to do it, all the better! heh.

Can one user have two BlackBerry's which both synch to one exchange mailbox???

We have a BES, we're basically all on Verizon. Verizon does seem to offer terrific coverage in the USA, but obviously, when we go to Europe, we're SOL.

So my half-assed solution was to do the following-
User has Verizon 7250 with phone + email, works great, only in the USA.

[email address] in Exchange.

I then added a second user and hide them from the Global Address List called [email address]

I set up an Outlook server-sdie rule to automatically forward a copy of all incoming mail from [email address] to [email address]

I then purchased a TMobile BlackBerry and chewed up another BES license and assigned the TMobile BB to [email address]

This setup BASICALLY works but it's so nasty, I was wondering if there was a cleaner way to just redirect one user email to two blackberry's for just this type of problem. If it chews up another license so be it (I am right now anyway...)

So the way it works, most of the time the user is in the USA and the VZW BB is fine, the TMobile BlackBerry sits in his desk. And when he travels, he takes the TMobile BB (forwards his VZW phone number to the TMobile number) and then he gets his email and phone calls. Obviously, when he replies to messages, it comes from [email address] which creates some confusion, but for the most part, people don't even notice. Sometimes I have to go in and do some exchange work to get some of his sent items back over, but obviously stuff like his calendar and contacts just don't synch to his main account, and he just deals with it.

Any tips/suggestions/death threats gladly appreciated!