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Default Re: Blackberry 9360 will not connect to Opera and IM+ via wifi until I do a battery p

I guess getting a legit data plan will help but I don't have any experience with it.

Here is the update on the two solutions rambo47 proposed:

1. I tried toggling WiFi off and back on but that did not work, neither at home or at office. After battery pull everything worked without a hinge, I just kept on doing that just to make sure this option was working.

2. The suggestion about power-saving "feature" of the OS, I assumed it was about turning the Batter Saving Mode off (if I was wrong let me know). So I did that and it seems to work but partially. I mean the wifi will start to work when I enter home but at office it wont work (without a battery pull). So this solution is 50% successful, which is still great, thank you so much for this as it did help.

One thing I did notice is that now when I connect with BB Desktop, I am getting a message in the Applications section Application Summary which says "Blackberry 7.1.0 Core Applications, version 7.1.0, size 54.4 MB, Pending Action Downgrade". Also in the applications list section , there are two applications , one with a red/white star in front of Blackberry 7.1.0 Core Applications, 47 MB, Status Required" and the other below that is "Downgrade, 54.4 MB, Status Available".

Not sure what is that about. This was not there before, just wondering what to do with it?

Thanks again for all your help.
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