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Default Re: Why don't young people like Blackberry ?

Why would anyone buy a phone they'd never seen any of their friends use, and which none of their friends could help them with, and which had an OS completely unfamiliar to them? Kids can start with an iPod touch, and then they already know how to use most of the iPhone functions.

BBM isn't much use if none of your friends have it, is it? (It might be, I've never used it. But I thought it was Blackberry to Blackberry.)

It doesn't matter if it's better if they don't think it is. And there will be plenty of older ex Blackberry users they'll run into who can fill them in on how far behind Apple, etc, their last Blackberry was.

Apps availability is a killer too. If an iPhone or Android using friend recommends an app, what are the chances it'll *ever* be available for Blackberry? If they hear of a new app coming out, same story. It's usually Apple first, Android later, Blackberry maybe, probably never. It doesn't matter how many thousands of apps are available, it's whether it runs the one you want that count.

I used Blackberries from 2005 to 2013 for work. I helped convince them to stick with Blackberry one more time when our contract ran out in 2011, but it wasn't even worth trying this time. The user complaints were getting louder and louder. We rolled out 80 iPhones and I've never had such a smooth rollout, so few questions about how to use the new phone, or so few phone failures since. We've had way more charger failures (with Blackberry none, ever), but I'm happy to trade charger failures for the phone failures we used to get.

I'd never used any iOS device myself, but I had no problems using it after the first 5 minutes. I miss the keyboard while I'm struggling with fine editing operations, but I'm compensated for it by not having to deal with water damaged keyboards any more.

I've never used a recent model Blackberry, or OS later than 7. They might be good, but would I risk buying one to find out? Not now. Can't see why someone who'd never used one would even consider it.
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