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Default Re: BlackBerry = Security Hmmmm, maybe not...

I'm so angry and feel SO stupid! I think I remember reading an article once about how some third world, or tyrannical governments forbade BlackBerries for their people. Because of the security of the BlackBerry, they couldn't spy on the people and at the time, RIM wasn't releasing the info to allow them to do so. Now I find that A) I saved my money to buy a Q10 and it was foolish. I like the Q10 a lot, don't get me wrong. But basically, it's kind of a android with a lot fewer app choices. A LOT fewer. B) I've talked friends into getting a BlackBerry because "they are secure, they set the standard for security. It's one of the things BlackBerry is known for". I'm sending them apology letters.....I can only speak for myself of course, but the one thing that BlackBerry had that I knew google based OS didn't was the security. Now we find out that not only does NSA have the ability to spy on us as well, but it's not like the NSA broke the code or something, no, BlackBerry GAVE it to them! The one thing that BlackBerry had that encouraged, at least MY & my business's customer loyalty is gone. While BB has survived a small app world, delayed releases, delayed software updates, changing CEOs and the host of other problems, I don't think it will survive this. But, I've been wrong before, after all, I've been buying BlackBerrys for years now. Sorry, that was kind of snarky. Thank you though, very much for the article ZB.
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