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Default Newly Discovered!!Re: Happened Again! Failure of Z10 to Sync

After a lot of fooling around with all sorts of stunts in an attempt to figure out what has been happening, I discovered something that surprised me AND solved the problem....I think.

When given the option to sync "contacts" or "calendar," I checked the "calendar" box and UN-checked "contacts," and guess what? The calendar then synchronized just fine!


I then UN-checked "calendar" and checked the "contacts" option box to only sync contacts, and also chose the "notify me when there are conflicts" options. Wow, was I surprised! Nearly every contact showed a conflict, so I threw caution to the wind and proceeded with the sync using my computer data. What happened? Many of the photos that were on the Z10 disappeared. Those photos were the results of whatever the Z10 does when it syncs the photos of my contacts what have Facebook accounts. I hate that! I suppose that when one installs FB on the Z10, it defaults to linking FB accounts with the contacts. Don't like that at all, and I believed I been able to disable that.


It appears as thought I'm syncing contacts and calendar properly again. I would not that I haven't tried to sync both contacts and calendar simultaneously, which is possible. I'll give that a shot and try to post an update if anything goes awry.

The moral of the story: if you're getting "sync unsuccessful" error messages, try synchronizing only the calendar, and then try synchronizing only the contacts. That may narrow down the source of the problem.

Good luck.

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