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Default Re: Need mep code for 9320 Curve

Okay. Here is the deal. Or at least this deal.

Mobile phones that are sold by a carrier are usually locked to that carrier's network. For a GSM phone, the phone will not work with another carrier's SIM unless the phone is unlocked. We usually talk about branded phones versus unbranded in the sense that a carrier sells a phone with its logo and locked to its network, while a buyer might otherwise obtain an unbranded, unlocked device direct from the manufacturer.

The network lock can be removed. For information, see the following links.

What Is a MEP Network Code? | eHow

Unlocking your BlackBerry Guide - BlackBerry Support Community Forums

As I stated in my first response, you will most likely need to buy the code from a service. Make sure, if you buy, that you buy from a vendor that will give you your money back if the code doesn't work. Search for reviews to try and choose a reliable service. And note that you have only a certain number of attempts, afterwhich the phone will be permanently locked.

Also, some other information you may need....

The network lock only impacts the phone (voice and text). It doesn't have anything to do with data.

Before you invest more time and money, you need to make sure that device operates on your chosen provider. I haven't looked. I'm leaving that for you.

Your device is a legacy BBOS model. It requires a specific BlackBerry data plan in order to use the BlackBerry data services like the email app, BBM, etc., as well as many third party apps. You can do some things with regular mobile data, but limited.

You only need the BlackBerry data plan. Not that and regular mobile data. Just the BlackBerry data plan added to the voice and text plan.

You buy the BlackBerry data plan from your mobile service provider. You indicate your provider is Rogers, so you are good there as far as BlackBerry data plan, assuming that device will operate on your providers network. Some providers in some parts of the world do not support BlackBerry.

So, decide what you are going to do. If you go ahead and get the device unlocked, we'll see where you stand after that.
- Ira

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