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Default Re: No Discussion Of BlackBerry Priv Slider? What's Happened To BBF?!?

Yeah...I'm also surprised that this site isn't buzzing over today's announcement of pre-ordering for the Priv, is what it is.

I have been a die-hard, loyal BB user for more than a decade, but my Z10 literally fried itself over a week ago, so I MUST get a new way around it. I'm currently using a "backup" Android OS device by Samsung, but searching for a used Z10 at a low price because if I decide to buy a Priv soon, I don't want to have spent big money on a new interim Z10, Z30, Leap, whatever.

Say what you will, but BB has always seemed fantastic to me, and if I simply have to capitulate to using a non-BB10 device, at least it now can be a BLACKBERRY. I stuck with BB for more than a decade, and still will because I view their devices as second-to-none in design, quality, etc. None of my BBs ever lacked anything that I might have wanted in a smartphone. Admittedly, BB has made gross mistakes with marketing and such that caused them to lose their once-lofty position in the marketplace, but in my view, that was never the fault of the devices themselves. The iPhone just burst onto the scene with so much "wow factor" and advancement in technology that it left all other mobile device manufacturers...regardless of their OS...reeling in amazement and playing catch-up from the very start.

Then again, I clung to my Betamax VCRs for well into the era when VHS killed it off...LOL! I did so because, as a television production professional, I knew that Beta was technically superior to VHS in every way. So, too, has my attitude been about BBs. As for me, it's about superior technology, not trendy fashion and junk like gaming, etc. I've always told people "BlackBerrys are TOOLS, all the rest...TOYS."

Yes...I'll be buying a Priv. The tail doesn't wag the dog, and in this case, the "tail" is the BB OS, and the "dog" is the mobile device marketplace. Eventually, surrendering to Android appears to be the only alternative for survival.

Here's a dream: how 'bout a "dual boot" device that can run BB10 AND 'droid? Now THAT would be cool.

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