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Default Re: No Discussion Of BlackBerry Priv Slider? What's Happened To BBF?!?

Looking about, what I see is almost all people decide what phone to use based on one or a combination of these three factors......

What are my friends using?

Will it run my games and social apps I want to use?

How much does it cost?

And what most people decide is:

My friends don't use BlackBerry. No one uses BlackBerry. I would be teased for using a Blackberry.

I don't care if it runs Android, I'm not going to use a Blackberry. Well, not if I'm the only one using it anyway. If my friends were, then I would.

Besides, I'm not paying that kind of money for a phone. Well, maybe I would if it was a cool phone and I would be cool for using it, but BlackBerry isn't cool.

......I'm really baffled BlackBerry went for that price point, but I tend to doubt it will matter in the end. I don't see non-BlackBerry users switching to a Blackberry, Android or not, and I'm guessing there are many BlackBerry die hards like me who won't use Android and will find another solution if BB10 devices cease.
- Ira

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