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Default BB Classic not recovering service when re-entering cell coverage area

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I have a problem that began when I updated my BB Classic to Software Release, OS Version, Build ID 903214. I am not sure what version it was on before.

This part has not changed and is not the problem I am trying to solve, just the context of the problem: I get very poor & intermittent service on my Classic because I live in the shadow of some hill. So when I get a mile from home, I always forwad my BB to my land line home/office number. This works best anyway so that I can spend all day on one phone instead of two. The cellular signal indicator generally goes to the red X once I get into the dead area, only occasionally picking up a signal on the way out to the car. Reliably (as in 100% of the time), though, when I leave my home/office, I get 3/4 mile out, it picks up the cell network, and I un-forward the BB.

That is, until the BB OS update noted above maybe three weeks or a month back. Since then, once it loses the cell signal, the red X most of the time persists even once I get into the cell coverage area. I can drive all the way into town, and even in the next two hours, the red X persists. I can disable the radio and re-enable it, all to no avail. But as soon as I restart the BB, I get my cell signal back almost immediately, 100% of the time.

This is my work phone number, and being unable to un-forward it when I leave results in clients leaving messages on my home/office phone when I am out and in me being offline for hours if I do not restart my phone. I think, since the OS change, it has picked up the cell signal only once or twice, and have had to reboot at least a dozen times. This problem does not occur if I go out of cell service briefly (through a tunnel, etc). In those cases, service returns immediately.

I did a factory reset and then allowed the phone to update (via USB to BB Link on my computer). It just seems clear this is OS-related, since it began immediately upon this update. But factor reset was a big pain with all the reconfiguration I had to do again.

Ideas? Way to report a possible OS bug to the developers? Or do I just live with this.

I apologize if this comes up as a cross-post. That is not my intent; I am just not sure who follows which specific forums, and I accidentally posted this first to the general BB forum, not realizing there was a Classic-specific area. It was only when another respondent began talking about the Curve that I realized perhaps there could be a Classic-specific area and worked my way here. And I figure I may not be the only Classic user seeing this behavior.

The original discussion is here: BB not picking up cell network when in range

Thanks in advance.
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