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Default Re: Need help please ! Im an idiot, can see camera

Originally Posted by tsac View Post
You need to know the IP address of your network where the camera is installed. Not the sub IP address, the main address for the router on the network side. the home side is usually just IP addresses that are non network numbers such as the ones I show above. You need to log into the router and get the network address.

the router address example

Broadband IPv4 Address
Gateway IPv4 Address

Home address example on the router

Device IPv4 Address
DHCPv4 Netmask
DHCPv4 Start Address
DHCPv4 End Address

Your cams are on one of the home addresses like

to get to the cam from outside you need to assign a port to the cam on the router
this may be on the firewall configuration. There you assign a pass thru ip address with the port number

Service name Ports Device

Camera1 TCP/UDP: 8618 ip camera

You cannot configure the access from the cell phone. You need to configure the router.

You need to give more info on the type of router your using home and then more help can be offered.
Man im lost, ive tried every ip address, some when I put them in are NOT allowed, says needs to be LAN...I can access the router from my laptop on wifi, its a NetGear WGR614 router.

My wifes IPhone was soooo eay must be because Amcrest has an app for the iPhone so must be the app does all this because hers works anywherewe are...
Thank you so much for the help, I think the 2 ports need to be 80 and 554, but the server ip is what the issue is I THINK ????
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