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Default Re: Project: Help Me Switch From My Old 16GB SD Memory Card To A New 128GB Memory Car

I think I figured . After reading through previous posts, this is what I have done so far. Because I now have no worries about Chromebook's operating system, I am attempting to transfer files using my Chromebook instead of my desk tower.

My Chromebook has an SD port, so I thus need a microSD-to-SD adapter, which I happen to find in some clutter. I don't think a microSD reader is necessary if I can insert my old microSD card in my Chromebook. My Chromebook also has two USB ports, so in addition to the SD (with adapter) card port, I also inserted an external hard drive. I did not have enough memory in my Chromebook to transfer all the contents from my 16GB microSD card, so I instead temporarily stored the content into the external hard drive.

1. In the external hard drive, I created a New Folder. I just titled it, "Blackberry Classic."
2. In the microSD port, I accessed the content and I simply highlighted everything (every folder) and clicked Copy.
3. Went next to the external hard drive, entered the new "Blackberry Classic" folder to find nothing, then right-clicked and selected Paste. All the contents copied to the external hard drive. It took a very long time (about 30 minutes) because I copied nearly 6000 items. It was a good idea to eat dinner while it was copying.
4. After the transfer, I took no chances in malfunction from pulling the microSD card out of the Chromebook, so I shut the power down completely.
5. I pulled out the microSD adapter, pulled out the old microSD memory card and inserted the new microSD card into the adapter.
6. I powered on the Chromebook, inserted again the new microSD adapter and external hard drive.
7. The new microSD card had folders created when I inserted it into the Blackberry Classic, so to avoid any chances of faliures to to double folders, I deleted every folder on the new microSD card before I transferred the content back from the external hard drive to the new microSD card.
8. Instead of Copy and Paste, I instead did a Cut and Paste from the external hard drive. I accessed the hard drive, found the "Blackberry Classic" folder, got inside, selected all folders and did a Cut (not Copy).
9. I went back into the Chromebook and accessed the new microSD card, which had nothing in it (due to deletion), then clicked Paste, which transferred everything from the external hard drive back into the new microSD card. This took a long time also (over 30 minutes), so it was a good idea to shower while I was transferring over.

I will turn on the phone and let you know how well the media transferred over.
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