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Okay. I have a 8700 and I'm getting it now.

It couldn't detect my phone model so I am trying the high memory version. Installing now. Will report back soon.

Got it installed successfully - directly from the site.
Ran the connection test and it said I didn't have a working network connection.

I suspected this is because I have not configured the TCP/IP settings to use the wap.cingular APN. I use to have this working, but I cleared those settings from my BB. This was intentional since Cingular charges BB users for that APN. All my other browsers and Google Local use the APN and so don't incur additional charges outside of my BB Unlimited plan.

So I won't be able to test things further, but I'm sure others with their TCP/IP settings set up or hosted BES users would help out.

One thing that I feel will frustrate new users to no end is the fact that the scroll wheel doesn't have the same functionality as it usually does. Well the scrolling part it does, but pushing in the scroll wheel brings up the "Close" dialog box. With the other BB browsers, pushing the scroll wheel will bring up a menu list of things that could be done. Pushing the scroll wheel in on a hyperlink selects that hyperlink. This makes one handed surfing a snap.

So without explicit instructions the Q/W and O/P as hot keys are not very apparent in terms of their functionality, and the "fire" key I assume you meant the Return key.

I was able to test the original release version (which was not BB compatible) and did get to some pages and the page rendering is excellent. I did notice that loading pages was a lot slower though.

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