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Originally Posted by penguin3107

Originally Posted by nb_mitch
Originally Posted by nb_mitch
I am sad they settled, I guess it is time to go look at a treo :(
I agree with nb_mitch, actually.

First, letís face it, NTP got away with stealing $612 million on an overbroad, overvague patent, which it never made its own products from. And the patents have been largely ruled invalid. Yet, thanks to our broken patent and court systems, the invlidation of those patents didnít mean a thing in this case. I'm not at all happy with the notion that some of the money I pay each month is fattening some patent lawyer's pockets, and encouraging that lawyer to continue to screw it to someone else later on.

All this does is validate the brokenness of the US patent system and the broken legal processes surrounding it, making it ever harder for whoever gets sued next. Remember: Cingular has applied for patents on the smilie. If they get a patent, an even more absurd legal drama will unfold, and you can bet Cingular's lawyers (and Cingular) will get fat off of someone.

Second, this signals to me that RIMís ďworkaroundĒ wasnít all it was cracked up to be. For the longest time we were fed a line that RIM had a workaround and that effectively, they didnít need to settle. And when experts kept asking the same question we all were - why not just turn the workaround on now and end the case? - there was no answer from RIM. In effect, it feels a lot like Blackberry users were lied to, to give us a false sense of complacency and to prevent more people from researching alternatives. That doesnít sit well with me.

This isn't going to make me go out and buy a Treo. For me Blackberry still is (unfortunately) the best device for what I need. even so, I don't like paying NTP, and I don't like paying a company that probably lied to me. I'm not nearly the loyal Crackberry addict I was this morning, and you can bet that if another device DOES emerge that does the job just as well, I'm going to seriously consider it.

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