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Originally Posted by d_fisher
I think you are misinformed. NTP never created any products, because the sole purpose of the company was to protect the patents that the orginal inventor filed.
I'm very well informed, thank you very much, and that was my whole point, as well as RIM's point at one time. The setting up of a company for the sole purpose of "protecting" a patent that it has no intention on creating a working product based on it is ethically just as bad as cybersquatting. I could have understood if NTP had hired an engineering and development team and was working on capitalizing on the product.

But, can you show me the URL to NTP's website? What kind of products did they come out with? Do they have a single engineer or product developer on staff anymore?

Also, if you read the story about the inventor he did in fact create a working prototype.
Yes yes, I know the story, very very sad. Again, clearly push e-mail is workable technology and in the post-Blackberry environment, I'm sure NTP could have mustered enough capital investment to produce their own product. Good technology did it. Visto did it. Both ended up getting sued, with differing results.

And they couldn't muster this capital to produce something with their patents, yet somehow, NTP managed to pay a staff of lawyers. Very interesting, indeed.

Once again, I think your misinformed. If your read the articles about the workaround it was not difficult to realise that it did work, but not nearly as well as the current method. The way I see it, if the work around had to be implemented, RIM would have lost a lot of current and new customers because the product being offer was not as good or mearly equal to the competition.
Let me quote RIM, from the press releases they worked so quickly to obliterate once the settelement was announced. Fortunately, Google doesn't forget so quickly:

Although RIM has made
significant underlying changes to the message delivery system and BlackBerry Multi-Mode Edition requires customers to install a software update on
BlackBerry devices and BlackBerry Enterprise Server, customers in the US will not see any changes from current BlackBerry functionality:
Users will not see any changes in the way they use the BlackBerry device.
Service providers and IT managers will not see any changes in BlackBerry service or administration.
But, as you say, the workaround wasn't as good as the real thing. Clearly I *was* misinformed, by RIM. So you must agree with me that RIM lied, then! Good!

Something tells me that RIM may not be done with litigation over this matter, as clearly its conduct and representations to users and investors were false and misleading.

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