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Originally Posted by scaredpoet
But, as you say, the workaround wasn't as good as the real thing. Clearly I *was* misinformed, by RIM. So you must agree with me that RIM lied, then! Good!
Regarding the workaround, you're quoting how an upgraded device will appear to end-users and administrators, but you're being totally ignorant of the fact that the workaround has to be loaded on the BES and all of the devices.

Sure, once loaded, a users device may look/act exactly the same as it did before the workaround was loaded. Neato. Corp. development doesn't have to send a memo out explaining to everyone how to use their "new" BlackBerry.

The fact that the workaround has to be loaded is the real issue. Some folks here administer THOUSANDS of BlackBerrys that would have had to have been reloaded (by hand) to get the workaround installed.

And besides, carriers were testing it, so if it sucked or wasn't all that, someone would have called bullshit by now.

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