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Originally Posted by aristobrat
Regarding the workaround, you're quoting how an upgraded device will appear to end-users and administrators, but you're being totally ignorant of the fact that the workaround has to be loaded on the BES and all of the devices.
Actually, I think I'm taking that into account VERY well. Rim stated it very clearly: neither end users NOR adminsitrators would see adifference in operation. Yet it was said earlier in this thread: "If your read the articles about the workaround it was not difficult to realise that it did work, but not nearly as well as the current method."

Taht signals to me that there significant operations hurdles to overcome. If service would be degraded and "not work as well," I think I'd notice that.

And besides, carriers were testing it, so if it sucked or wasn't all that, someone would have called bullshit by now.
Some critics did call bullshit, actually. And the proof is in the pudding: if the workaround really "worked around" the problem, then RIM never would have needed to settle; they could have just flipped it on, and they would no longer be infringing.

RIM is not a charity; they didn't just pay $612 million to NTP's battery of lawyers out of the goodness of their hearts. They paid it because they didn't have a viable option, regardless of them claiming they did.