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Just a few observations -

“For the longest time we were fed a line that RIM had a workaround…”You can’t possibly be saying that they didn’t have a workaround, so it was no “line”.

…and that effectively, they didn’t need to settle.”
Who said that, effectively, RIM didn’t need to settle, based solely on the existence of a workaround?

“In effect, it feels a lot like Blackberry users were lied to, to give us a false sense of complacency and to prevent more people from researching alternatives. That doesn’t sit well with me.”
The irony here is that you are castigating RIM for not sticking to its principles (ie: refusing to settle), despite the many obstacles that, by your own admission, it faced (broken court system, fractured patent system, etc.). According to you, RIM should have sacrificed itself on the altar of business principle, allowing unit sales to continue to fall, stock prices to continue to drop, and customer anxiety levels to continue to climb, just to appease those few customers who would be disgruntled by a settlement with NTP. You demanded (emotionally) such sacrifice from them, yet, highly principled as you claim to be, you refuse to sacrifice anything yourself. I submit,
“For me Blackberry still is (unfortunately) the best device for what I need.”
The Blackberry is the best device for what you need, but it is not the only device that can meet your needs. The other devices just don’t meet your needs as well. Applying your mantra of principled behavior, your next course of action should be to sacrifice your need for the best operational device, and supplant with your need to use a lesser device produced by an altogether more principled company. Get rid of your Blackberry - NOW! Unless you do this, your diatribe against RIM appears to be a bit sanctimonious.

“…and you can bet that if another device DOES emerge that does the job just as well, I'm going to seriously consider it.”Again, principle dictates that you absolutely should not wait. Why line the pockets of a bunch of thieving, lying scumbags? You know, the lying charlatans at RIM, and the thieving magpies at NTP.

Something tells me that RIM may not be done with litigation over this matter, as clearly its conduct and representations to users and investors were false and misleading.
You’re joking, right?

Am I happy that RIM settled? Yes. It puts an end to the anxieties felt by the vast majority of their users. Would I have been happier if circumstances had allowed them to play out the entire patent infringement scenario to the bitter end, without the threat of injunction placing extraordinary demands on the process? Of course. But, such is life. Circumstances dictated another path. I have learned something that, just maybe, hasn’t quite sunk in for you yet.

Life is never all about you.

They paid it because they didn't have a viable option, regardless of them claiming they did. If this was truly the case, I suspect that NTP would have gotten a settlement figure a lot closer to its billion dollar demand. But, who knows? The truth is, neither one of us do.