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Thanks for your feedback folks!

Remember that this is a experimental build and not a finished product. All your ideas are very welcome and I will sum them up and make sure that the developers got to know how you like Opera Mini to work on your Berries.

I'll try to answer some questions:

Originally Posted by celcius
It couldn't detect my phone model
I forget to mention that... If your device is not recognized on the download page, please point your native BB browser to and fill in the forms. By doing that you make me able to enter the device information into our database and make the server recognize that model next time. Until that you may try the Hi-memory version first. If that won't work you may try the Low-memory version...

Originally Posted by rjw3000
Is SSL (or whatever might be used for a secure page nowadays) in place on the browser? If not, any idea on when it will be available?
No, the information from your device to our servers is not sent using SSL. Our servers are using SSL when communication with the webservers however and the information sent back to the device is sent as obml, Opera Binary Markup Language, so it's not clear text. If SSL is implemented in the Opera Mini client we'll let you know.

Originally Posted by rjw3000
Also, will there be any pdf viewing support in the future?
A pdf-viewer isn't possible to include in the Opera Mini client due to a lot of technical issues. However, downloading of files is a frequent request so maybe we might be able to implement that in future releases.

Originally Posted by Mark Rejhon
Can you make .jad files for the .cod files, so that these can be more easily wirelessly downloaded?
Well, we actually have made .cod files. If you go to with your BB-browser you vill get a jad-file containing information about both .jar- and .cod-locations. If your device is not recognized, please se the first question in this thread.

Once again, thanks for your help, and btw, please ignore the line about Regular back-key works as fire-button since that was messed up information from me ;)