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Just a few observations -

“For the longest time we were fed a line that RIM had a workaround…”You can’t possibly be saying that they didn’t have a workaround, so it was no “line”./[quote]

So why did they need to settle? If this woraround was so darned great and would save the company, why even bother talking to NTP? Why even bother arguing before the court that "2 million man-hours" and approximately $840 per user would be required to make this switch work, why feeding everyone else this line that they actually wouldn't feel a thing?

…and that effectively, they didn’t need to settle.”
Who said that, effectively, RIM didn’t need to settle, based solely on the existence of a workaround?

Lazardis and Basille have both said it. Rim is "prepared for any contingency." Including not settling and having an injuction.

And the fine people here have said it too:

BlackBerry Contingency Plans -- NTP Issue.
1. As mentioned, RIM has developed a workaround already. They can keep running. NTP is out of luck, they can only sue for retroactive damages -- and the network keeps running."

“In effect, it feels a lot like Blackberry users were lied to, to give us a false sense of complacency and to prevent more people from researching alternatives. That doesn’t sit well with me.”
The irony here is that you are castigating RIM for not sticking to its principles (ie: refusing to settle), despite the many obstacles that, by your own admission, it faced (broken court system, fractured patent system, etc.).
No, I'm castigating RIM because they lied, and the sooner you accept that, the better off you'll be. They insisted a settlement wasn't necessary to continue operations. Evidently, it was necessary. Please try to keep up.

According to you, RIM should have sacrificed itself on the altar of business principle,
Not at all! They only had to do one thing: turn on the workaround, pay retro damages, and walk away. If RIM was telling the truth, the injunction wouldn't have meant a thing. No one would have sacrificed anything except NTP.

allowing unit sales to continue to fall, stock prices to continue to drop, and customer anxiety levels to continue to climb,
None of that would have happened at all if RIM actually did have a viable workaround and just turned it on, announcing to users, shareholders and the government that RIM did indeed have the situation well at hand.

Why didn't they just turn it on? I keep asking that question and no one seems to have an answer except that maybe the woraround would have caused serious inconvenience. Which means that when RIM announced that users and administrators "would not notice a change in operation," they lied.

just to appease those few customers who would be disgruntled by a settlement with NTP.
Settlements don't disgruntle me. Lying vendors do. I spent an afternoon on Friday decertifying a vendor at work for misrepresenting their capabilities, claiming they perform certain functions for the organization I work for, and later admitting they could not.

In my opinion, RIM very nearly did the same thing. And I know in your fanboy li'l eyes, RIM is the savior and is all knowing and can do no wrong, and that's fine. But the facts bear themselves out.

You demanded (emotionally) such sacrifice from them,
You seem to be showing far more emotion than I. All I want to know is how people can tolerate being lied to. because see, in the business, when vendors lie about their capabilities, it hampers the work of the business contracting that work out. And if RIM hadn't blinked, I get the impression that a service we rely on would have either been degraded, or nonexistent.

yet, highly principled as you claim to be, you refuse to sacrifice anything yourself.
If your local power company claims that it's disaster-proof, and the next day, a natural disaster wipes out the power grid for three days, are you going to continue to sit there in the dark after the grid's been re-established, on "principle?" Probably not.

If the people you vote for in an election lose, are you going to move to another country, on principle? And if you can't get a Visa or can't afford to move, are you going to shoot yourself, on principle? Probably not.

Unfortunately, RIM provides a service that a lot of corporations and government entities rely on, and they are sadly, best at the game.

I don't like Microsoft either. Unfortunately, the applications I use are not available on Mac or UNIX. That doesn't mean I'm going to not use those apps, like apparently you expect I should.

That said, if something comes out that the does the job equally as well or better, I'm GOING to switch to it.

Life is never all about you.
This isn't about life. It's about business. And the last time a business lied to 3 million+ people about its viability, the company was forced into bankruptcy and its corporate officers are on trail now. *shrug* RIM got very lucky. And the next time they get in a bind like this and claim that everything is okay and the world of RIM is all sweetness and mirth, I'm not going to be so naive, that's all. You, evidently, will. Good luck with that!

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