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Originally Posted by scaredpoet
Why didn't they just turn it on? I keep asking that question and no one seems to have an answer except that maybe the woraround would have caused serious inconvenience. Which means that when RIM announced that users and administrators "would not notice a change in operation," they lied.
You're confusing:

1: the manual loading of the workaround onto millions of US BlackBerrys + thousands of BES


2: how will the users/admins operate the upgraded devices

Did you read the technical change that RIM made to get around the patent dispute? If you did, I don't see how you can even begin to argue that a user or admin would notice it, much less have to make changes in how they operate the BBs or BESs.

#1 is by far the biggest issue that RIM had to consider in regards to this workaround, not the #2 thing that you keep parroting about.