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Originally Posted by NJBlackBerry
You sound like a lawyer who bet on the wrong horse. No sympathy here.

This case should have been settled years ago. RIM postured and appealed all the way up. There was no guarantee that the patents would have been completely invalidated. RIM was losing customers (and not growing as fast as their own projections) because of this lawsuit. Settling was in their best interests.

Cops write you a ticket for speeding. It is mere $100, but you do believe you were not speeding.

You go to the local court. You lose. Then you lose all the way to the Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, a story breaks in the news that police laser guns of a type used to clock your speed are inherently faulty. There is internal review in progress and preliminary results demonstrate that equipment just wrong. Final results will come later.
This could make cops stop using these laser guns and write speeding tickets to innocent motorists who do obey the law.

You come to the court and told by the judge this is irrelevant, and you can choose to pay the ticket, few thousand bucks in legal fees and get with your life; or you can go to jail for the failure to pay the ticket and he is not in the mood to let you off the hook.

You decided you've had enough and you bail out.

Your friends call you stupid for not just paying the ticket in the first place. There is no guarantee these laser guns will be completely found faulty. You get no sympathy for staying for what you believe.