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Originally Posted by scaredpoet
RIM’s “workaround” wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. For the longest time we were fed a line that RIM had a workaround and that effectively, they didn’t need to settle. And when experts kept asking the same question we all were - why not just turn the workaround on now and end the case? - there was no answer from RIM. In effect, it feels a lot like Blackberry users were lied to
First, about lies. RIM had workaround. It were demonstrated to wireless carriers. T-Mobile posted Web page telling its users workaround does exist.

What, you think T-Mobile will risk its reputation without checking facts? They must have seen workaround in works, they must have approved it for their wireless network. Are you calling T-Mobile a liar?

to give us a false sense of complacency and to prevent more people from researching alternatives.
Have you been prevented from searching alternatives?

RIM provides a service that a lot of corporations and government entities rely on, and they are sadly, best at the game.
I thought so.

They only had to do one thing: turn on the workaround, pay retro damages, and walk away. If RIM was telling the truth, the injunction wouldn't have meant a thing.
Your last name is not Spencer, right?

This judge was very displeased with RIM all that time. He may had, as well, enforced injunction even with workaround, and gave NTP 30-60 days to confirm the workaround does not infringe or bring evidence it does.
Meanwhile, injunction is enforced, RIM can't sell or service blackberries in the USA.
What would these 60 days do to RIM's business easy to guess.

With workaround, and even without injunction, RIM already kept $450 million dollars for NTP in infringement fees.
What you are saying is RIM, to save $160 million dollars on top of these 450, should have forced all its blackberry users upgrade software.

I do not get it, what is your beef with RIM? They stayed for what they believed, but when it came to choose between inconveniencing blackberry users or paying unjustified fees they preferred to pay money.

They just said: at the end, money does not matter as much as people who are RIM's customers.