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Originally Posted by Berry One
First, about lies. RIM had workaround. It were demonstrated to wireless carriers. T-Mobile posted Web page telling its users workaround does exist.

What, you think T-Mobile will risk its reputation without checking facts? They must have seen workaround in works, they must have approved it for their wireless network. Are you calling T-Mobile a liar?
Wonder what he thinks about Verizon?

On February 9, 2006, RIM publicly announced certain details of a "workaround" solution that it believes would not be subject to the court's actions. RIM announced it has designed and tested a software update that would allow customers to continue to use the BlackBerry service without interruption, and with no visible effect on the end users' ongoing experience. According to RIM, the software update will only be necessary, and only be implemented, should the court issue an injunction in the current litigation involving the NTP patents. Verizon Wireless is in the process of testing and evaluating the technical feasibility of this workaround, and also evaluating the ultimate customer experience. If the workaround passes our evaluation, and the implementation of such workaround is not prohibited by a court order, Verizon Wireless will work with RIM, and our customers to implement it.