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Rim did the best they could given the situation. I think 612.5 M is better than having a judge order damages for patent infrigment - no matter what amount.
If Rim had waited for a verdict from a judge who was obvisoly tired of both parties, and knowing that NTP had won a jury trial in 2002 - do you think it would have been better or worse? I say worse, much worst. It could have been an injuction which would mean that RIM's stock pluments and the company is worth nothing - plus they would still have to pay X amount in damages. If your company's stock value falls to next to nothing, where are you going to come up with the money for the damages. RIM did the best they could; they felt the judge out as best they could hoping to discover where he might side. They found out that he wanted them to settle. They did. The settlement was 612.5 M, RIM did 404 M in one quarter last year. RIM is valued at 1.8 B so yes it hurts, but not as much as having to pay it after your stock price hits rock bottom. Everyone is hard on NTP cause they didn't do anything with the patent. What happens to the guy who gets a patent but doesn't have the money to bring it to market...Is he SUPPOSE to get the short end of the stick?