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Originally Posted by hi13579
Well said Berry One.. He's probably a lawer from NTP.
Such accuations are a common way to try and win an argument when you have nothing good to contribute.

No, I'm not a lawyer from NTP. My history on on other forums as a Verizon customer and blackberry user is easily traceable.

The lawyers have their settlement, so they will gladly shut their mouths, and if they knew any better, they wouldn't say anything to risk jeopardizing that outcome.

I'm simply a user who smells a rat, that's all. If you folks want to disagree, that's fine. People have said I'm not barred from looking at other alternatives, and I've readily agreed that's true. I AM looking at alternatives, and will switch to one when a well-implemented altnernative that doesn't have NTP's greedy paws all over it (nee Visto) surfaces.

That's all! Nice to engage the blind fanboys every once in a while. ;)