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Originally Posted by scaredpoet
Such accuations are a common way to try and win an argument when you have nothing good to contribute.;)
True, like someone calling others fanboys. Wait, that was you!

Originally Posted by scaredpoet
The lawyers have their settlement, so they will gladly shut their mouths, and if they knew any better, they wouldn't say anything to risk jeopardizing that outcome.
Are we talking same lawyers? Those that called RIM a poacher and other names? Those that expected to have windfall of $1.5 billion but settled at $600 million?

I wonder, why would they let RIM get away with much smaller payout? Wait, I know: these lawyers took less now instead of more later to cover up the fact the workaround does not exist! Now it makes perfect sense.

I'm simply a user who smells a rat, that's all.
You have problems defining what you smell. Do you smell RIM and Verizon and T-Mobile and NTP coverap of the fact workaround does not work?

If you folks want to disagree, that's fine.
We, folks, know facts.