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Originally Posted by jibi
Inphektion, what handhelds are your users using for the WAV files? I believe that the Cingular OS that was issued with the 8700c did not have the ability to open WAV files. I do not think any handhelds other than the 8700c, 7130e and 7100i are capable of opening WAV files, either (ugh!). You may want to try to upgrade one of the handhelds' OS to one of the latest versions from one of the Asian or European carriers (Bharti, etc), if you have an 8700 to test with.

I'm about to do the upgrade now, so I'll write a reply here shortly. For the most part, aside from installing MDAC 2.8 and the hotfix on the SQL server, there have been little to no issues. I'm not really excited about having to install MSMQ, but whatever - it doesn't require installation media or a reboot, for those that have never installed it.

* Edit: LCS was an option for me on my installation, as was GroupWise and Sametime. Just FYI.
Ok figured a few things out. Yes I'm running bharti on my 8700c but a guy at tsupport said that full support for .wav's didn't make it into this initial release and would be in the first service pack. If you are opening .wav attachments in emails please let me know otherwise.

As far as my LCS. I assume you are running your BES on windows server 2003. I am running mine on windows 2000 advanced server. It seems the MSMQ needed is version 3.0 which is only in XP and server 2003 while windows 2000 has 2.0.. AND you can't install msmq 3.0 on win2k. So I'm going to blow this install away and load up windows server 2003 just so I can get this crap LCS functionality.

LCS has single handedly by a weird chain of events forced me to upgrade all my servers to windows 2003. Today, I hate microsoft.