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Angry 4.1 sucks

I tried to do an upgrade from 4.0 SP3 to 4.1 and it failed miserably. I did a combo BES and MDS install. The BES part did encounter some kind of error that required me to rerun the installer, but did complete and get running. MDS however would never successfully complete the install. The installer logs showed one non-fatal error in the primary (not the 3rd party) log, but the installer would just tell me to try installing again. Running the standalone BES installer wouldn't get past the SQL info -- it kept saying it couldn't connect to my SQL server.

I did a total uninstall (even ripped out registry data), restored my 4.0 database, and did the install of 4.0 again. The server got running but the handhelds kept saying there was an IT policy error and to try wiping the handheld and reactivate/resync to continue. We did this, and now are running again with 4.0 SP4.

While the 4.1 Manager showed MDS running, it didn't seem to figure out where the BlackBerry Router was (it's all on the same server) and just had the field blank. 4.1 Manager wouldn't let me enter in a BB Router, since it was a read-only field. I suspect that somehow MDS was actually installed ok despite the non-fatal error, but since the MDS couldn't connect to the BB Router, it had to way to get to the network.

I'm terrified of having to do the same upgrade on a customer's BES with over 50 handhelds. We only had 4 and could afford having it down for a couple of hours, but it looks like for these guys we'll have to set up a new server and migrate people over a few at a time. Or perhaps wait and see how things are after the first service pack.

The really cool part about 4.1 is being able to see all the device info (installed apps, service books, telco details) and the eventual PGP support. But I think this should have been called 5.0, and that too many front and back-end changes were made. No apparent ability to fully (server to handheld) back out of the upgrade if needed is also a bad idea. And a 483mb installer is also absurd.

BES is turning into a monster.